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National Baseball HALL of FAME

Located in the birthplace of Cooperstown stands the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

Having a mention in the Hall of Fame is one of the most prestigious prizes for baseball players in the world. Only 1% of all MLB players get elected into the Hall because players have to meet certain requirements to be elected. Requirements include at least 10 seasons played, a vote of worthies, and of course the skill level in which the professional player played. Every year, several past players are added to an election. From there the board chooses the best of the best to be recognized in the Hall.

When you visit, you will learn more about the men that shaped the game of baseball. Names like Jackie Robinson, Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, Mickey Mantle, Barry Bonds, Derick Jeter, and Alex Rodriguez are esteemed in the Hall.

The museum displays dozens of old uniforms and gloves, as well as autographed baseballs and bats. At the gift shop, you can find all of your favorite team's shirts, jerseys, and memorabilia. The museum is much more than old artifacts for baseball fans. For many, it is the legends they grew up watching. A visitor proclaimed, "When the crack of the bat brings a thrill to your soul, and you're longing for the summer memories of your youth, melting the winter snows, it is time to plan a pilgrimage to the best place on Earth to fully satisfy your love of the game...the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum in Cooperstown, N.Y."

The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum is the place for all baseball lovers and anyone who wants to learn something new. 

National Baseball HALL of FAME