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Cooperstown Dreams Park 

The teams bond over the whole experience and learn good sportsmanship. They meet with teams from across the United States that come to play. Players grow closer to each other as they play in the games, and by laughing and playing games off the field. The teams compete in a tournament-style, where the top two final teams play each other. Former coaches have been amazed at how the teams grow closer to other teams as well.

The park has photographers who take pictures of the games and players and make baseball cards for each kid. They trade baseball cards, and team pins and get to know the other players.

The players here play for the love of the game, for their teams, for their families, and their coaches. This doesn't mean they don't want that trophy. The teams will battle against each other for the victory. Players will also receive a class style tournament ring to remember their experiences here. Former parents have said, " As the name indicates, most teams and many of the players get to experience things they have never done before (walk-off home runs, playing on all grass infields just like the major leagues, parading onto the field in opening ceremonies, etc.) It's a once in a lifetime experience that we would highly recommend."

They hold the tournaments throughout July for summer ball and August for fall ball.

Come visit Dreams Park where dreams are traded in for home runs in a once in a lifetime experience.

National Baseball HALL of FAME